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Explore AEP: An Energy Utility in Texas

American Electric Power (AEP) is a utility company headquartered in Ohio, and the AEP energy service territory covers more than 200,000 square miles in the United States. Back in 1906, AEP was known as American Gas and Electric Company (AG&E). The company was made up of small utility companies across the eastern half of the United States. In 1958, the utility officially became AEP, and it now serves 5.4 million customers. AEP Texas is the local part of the utility, delivering Texas electricity to more than 1 million consumers.

Choose your Texas electricity provider

In most areas of Texas, electricity is deregulated. Most consumers have the ability to choose where they get their electricity supply. Before deregulation, everyone got their Texas electricity supply and delivery from their utility company. Now, consumers in deregulated areas have to choose a retail electric provider (REP) for their Texas electricity supply. There are many benefits for consumers when it comes to electricity choice. Customers can choose from a variety of companies and supply plans to find the best one for them. For example, consumers who live in an apartment may want a shorter contract than consumers who own a home. REPs work with AEP Texas or your local utility company to make sure your electricity is delivered reliably and safely to your home or business.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are electronic devices that tell AEP energy usage information about customers through real-time communication. There are many benefits to using smart meters for both consumers and AEP. Energy usage information is important so consumers can learn from their energy history and create better energy-saving habits. Another consumer benefit of smart meters is having more privacy. Before smart meters, AEP energy technicians had to visit homes and businesses to read the meters and report the data. Now the readings are performed remotely. Additionally, if there is a power outage, AEP will be notified instantly through the meter.

The AEP Foundation gives back

In 2005, the American Electric Power Foundation officially began with the hopes of playing a positive role in local communities. The main focus areas for the foundation are protecting the environment, improving lives through education, providing basic human services and enriching the quality of life in local communities. Organizations can apply to receive a grant from the foundation if they fit certain requirements.

Safety guidelines for AEP energy employees and consumers

At AEP, energy safety is important. The company trains all employees about the possible dangers of electricity to make sure they stay safe on the job. It’s also important for consumers to understand possible threats. As a utility, AEP owns more than 40,000 miles of power lines. Since overhead power lines don’t have the same insulation as household wires, touching them could lead to electrocution. Be sure to keep ladders and other tools away from overhead lines. If you need to trim a tree near a power line, AEP can de-energize the power line for you. Contact AEP before beginning any potentially dangerous projects.

Source: Updated: 1-6-16.