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Corpus Christi Electricity in 78467: Find Out More

Take the time to compare options for electricity in 78467. Learn more about renewable energy options and how to stay safe during a power outage in your area.

Ask about renewable Corpus Christi energy

If you're interested in shrinking your carbon footprint, ask your retail electric provider (REP) if it offers any renewable energy plans in your area. Renewable energy, also called green energy, comes from natural resources including sunlight, water and wind. These resources are naturally replenished in our environment and don’t cause the same pollution as traditional fossil fuels. Texas has a growing wind energy industry. Find out if your REP has a wind energy plan or green energy product add-ons to your traditional energy plan available. With JustGreen Power, for example, Just Energy will purchase renewable energy credits to make sure that up to 100% of your home's power comes from renewable resources.

When to contact your utility company

AEP Texas is headquartered in Corpus Christi. This utility company is responsible for delivering electricity across its service area of almost 100,000 square miles. Consumers should contact AEP Texas, not their REP, if there are downed power lines. If you experience a power outage, unplug major appliances. Don't operate heaters or fuel-powered stoves unless you have the proper ventilation set up. Contact AEP Texas as soon as possible, and use flashlights until power is restored.

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