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Electricity in 75381: Discover Your Options

When shopping for electricity in 75381, consumers have plenty of choices. Dallas energy companies, such as Just Energy and TXU Energy, offer a variety of supply plans. Learn more about the energy options near you.

Choose a renewable Dallas energy plan

When shopping for a Dallas energy plan, consider renewable energy options in your area. Renewable energy, also known as green energy, uses naturally replenished resources instead of traditional fossil fuels. Solar power, hydropower and wind power are examples of renewable resources. These energy resources don't result in the same pollution as traditional fossil fuels.

Using green energy can shrink the environmental impact of your home or business. Texas produces more wind power than any other state. The development of renewable energy creates jobs for Texas residents, making it a great option for the economy and the environment.

Follow safety guidelines

Your utility, Oncor, is responsible for delivering your electricity safely no matter which REP you choose. Contact your utility company if there is a power outage in your area. If you are expecting a storm, you can be prepared for power outages before they happen. Keep a flashlight, bottled water and extra batteries nearby just in case you lose power. Beware of fallen power lines after a storm, because coming in contact with power lines is dangerous. Always report fallen power lines to your utility company.

Source: Updated: 1-25-16.