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Direct Energy: A Retail Texas Energy Provider

Direct Energy is a retail electricity and home services provider with nearly 5 million residential and commercial customers. Direct Energy started in 1986, and now serves 46 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. If you live in a deregulated area of Texas, you have the power to choose your electricity provider. Each provider offers unique plans and rates, so be sure to research Texas energy providers in your area to find the best one for you.

Texas energy supply plans from Direct Energy

If you’re looking for a secure price per kWh for your electricity, you might be interested in a fixed-rate supply plan from Direct Energy. These plans protect consumers from supply price changes during their contract. Others may want more flexibility in their electricity supply plan. With Direct Energy’s variable-rate supply plans, supply rates can increase or decrease during a contract depending on market prices. If market prices decrease, consumers may benefit from lower energy supply rates. However, if market prices increase, supply rates may also increase.

The Power-to-Go plan offers prepaid electricity

The Power-to-Go plan may be available in your area. This prepaid electricity supply plan does not require a contract or deposit, and consumers are not charged a termination fee. With the Power-to-Go plan, consumers receive daily balance updates via text message or email. You can make payments as often as necessary, as long as the account balance stays above zero.

What is a Nest thermostat?

Direct Energy has a partnership with Nest, a company that creates innovative products for the home. Some plans from Direct Energy include a Nest thermostat. After a few days of learning your energy habits, the thermostat can program itself and help reduce your energy usage at home. You can also control your Nest thermostat from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. To help consumers learn more about their energy habits, the thermostat provides a monthly report to show which times during the day were most affected.  

Texas energy for new residents

If you’re moving to Texas, energy deregulation may seem overwhelming at first. There is no need to stress. Retail electric providers may offer services to help with your move. Direct Energy offers the Moving Done Easy fixed-rate supply plan to make moving a little bit easier for new residents. Ask your provider if you can set up electricity before you move in so it’s ready to go when you get to your new home.

Direct Energy engages with local communities

Through the Reduce Your Use For Good Grant program, Direct Energy helps nonprofit organizations make changes that will save energy. The money can be used to purchase new energy-efficient products or services that relate to their purpose. Organizations can apply online to receive a grant. Another way Direct Energy gives to the community is through the Small Business Community Heroes award program. This program recognizes small business owners who give their time to the greater good of the community. The winner is rewarded with a cash prize and a donation to the nonprofit organization of his choice.

Source: Updated: 10-1-15.