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Learn More About Fort Worth Electricity in 76181

There are many providers and supply plans for electricity in 76181. One of the best parts of living in Fort Worth is having energy choice. Learn more about your local energy options before choosing a plan.

Consider a renewable Fort Worth energy plan

Ask your provider if there are any renewable energy plans available in your area. Traditional energy supply plans that use fossil fuels can be damaging to the planet. Nonrenewable resources, also known as brown energy sources, do not naturally replenish and can eventually run out. Renewable resources include water, sunlight and wind, among others. These resources can be used to create energy and cause less pollution than nonrenewable resources. Texas produces more wind energy than any other state and the development of green energy creates jobs in the Fort Worth energy industry.

Focus on safety during a power outage

If there is a power outage in your area, contact your utility company as soon as possible. Your provider is not responsible for repairing fallen power lines. Charge your laptops and mobile devices if a storm is approaching your area. During inclement weather, keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed in case you lose power. Also, unplug any appliances that aren't plugged into surge protectors to keep them safe.

Source: Updated: 2-2-16.