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You Have the Power to Choose

Energy deregulation gives consumers the power to choose where their energy supply comes from. You can compare energy companies in your area to find the best plan available for you. Once you start researching energy companies in Texas, you may start to feel overwhelmed. There are dozens of retail electric providers across the state! Use our checklist below to compare energy companies and find the best one for you. You don’t have to settle.

  • Check the contract length. The length of your contract may affect your energy supply rates. If you own a home, you may benefit from a long-term energy supply plan. A long-term plan with a fixed rate can protect consumers from increases in energy rates. If you live in an apartment, a shorter contract or a month-to-month plan may work better for you. Shorter plans can offer more flexibility if you need to change your energy provider.
  • Understand the types of rates.
    • Fixed-rate supply plans: A fixed-rate supply plan allows you to keep the same supply rate throughout your entire contract. These plans offer protection from price increases, but also prevent lower rates if market prices decrease.
    • Variable-rate supply plans: With variable-rate supply plans, your energy supply rates are based on market prices. Your rates can change during the contract. If market prices decrease, consumers may benefit from lower rates. However, if market prices increase, your rates may increase as well.
  • Consider the fees. If you switch providers during your contract, you may be charged an early termination fee. Be sure to check with your current provider about fees before canceling your plan. Other plans may have a minimum usage fee.
  • Find out if green energy products are available in your area. Green energy products use renewable resources instead of fossil fuels. Since we’re using fossil fuels faster than they are being formed, green energy products are a better option for the environment.

Do you need commercial energy?

Business owners in Texas have plenty of options when it comes to electricity. Your energy plan will depend on the size of your business. Look for a provider that can work with you and your business. If you’re not being treated the way you deserve, maybe it’s time to cut the ties with your current provider.