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Explore Just Energy: A Texas Electricity Provider

Just Energy is a leading retail electric provider in Texas. Since the company started in 1997, Just Energy has grown to offer energy supply plans to almost 2 million residential and commercial energy customers across North America. In 2002, Texas residents gained the power to choose their electricity supply company. There are many choices for independent retail electric providers, so it is important for consumers to research all of the different companies before choosing the best one for them.

Learn more about Texas electricity rates

When researching a new provider for residential or commercial energy, you might come across a few options for your Texas electricity supply rates. In Texas, Just Energy offers secured supply rates and variable supply rates. A secured supply rate is one that stays the same during your entire electricity supply contract. These rates protect consumers from possible price increases. On the other hand, a variable supply rate can change during the contract. Variable supply rates are based on market prices. For example, if market prices increase, supply rates might also increase. However, if market prices decrease, consumers could benefit from a lower supply rate.

Is a green Texas electricity supply plan right for you?

The energy we use every day contributes to our carbon footprint. For consumers interested in shrinking their carbon footprint, a green energy plan might be the best choice. Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil. Burning fossil fuels can damage our environment, and these resources are in a limited supply. With a green energy plan, Just Energy purchases renewable energy credits to offset the electricity your household consumes. Renewable energy credits send renewable energy to the grid from sources including hydro, solar and wind power. These energy sources are clean to produce and can easily be replenished, making them a smart choice for our environment.

Just Energy gives back to Texas communities

Some consumers may be interested in choosing a company that gives back to the community. According to its website, Just Energy gives back to local communities through the Just Energy Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Through corporate giving, the foundation helps charitable organizations get the resources they need to promote the health of their communities. In Texas, Just Energy also contributes to the Sheltering Arms Senior Services nonprofit organization. The Sheltering Arms Senior Services group promotes the independence of older adults and supports their caregivers. The foundation also supports the Houston Food Bank, Homes with Hope and many more local charities.

Source: Updated: 12-3-15.