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Get to Know Stream Energy in Texas

Stream Energy is one of the many growing electricity companies in Texas. Headquartered in Dallas, this company has grown during the past 10 years with a different structure than most other Texas retail electric providers (REPs). In 2005, Stream Energy decided to sell energy through word of mouth. Customers of the energy company can also become associates and sell Stream Energy to their friends and family.

Explore electricity companies in Texas

Consumers have more choices when it comes to electricity supply. Independent REPs, such as Stream Energy, work with utility companies to supply energy to residents and businesses. REPs are responsible for energy supply, while utility companies are responsible for maintaining infrastructure. If you experience a power outage, be sure to contact your utility company.

Since electricity supply is separate from electricity delivery in Texas, consumers have the ability to choose the best electricity supply plan for them. For example, current Stream customers can refer friends and family members to the company and earn credits toward free energy. Other REPs may offer travel rewards or discounts for senior citizens.

Understand Stream Energy supply plans

Stream Energy offers electricity plans in the Oncor, CenterPoint Energy, AEP, TNMP, Sharyland and McAllen utility service areas. Supply plans and rates may vary in each service area. The New Friends supply plan has a fixed supply rate and comes with either a 12-month or 24-month contract. Fixed-rate supply plans allow customers to keep the same supply rate during their entire contract, protecting consumers from price increases. However, they have a $250 early termination fee. The Flex Choice Intro plan has a variable supply rate, which means it can increase or decrease based on market prices during a contract. If market prices decrease, customers with this plan may benefit from lower rates. If market prices increase, supply rates may increase for consumers with variable plans. This Flex Choice plan has a month-to-month contract and no early termination fee.

Green and Clean energy products from Stream

Common nonrenewable energy sources, also known as brown energy sources, are known to cause damage to our planet. Renewable sources, such as wind and sunlight, are in abundant supply and don’t cause the same kind of pollution. Stream Energy offers products for consumers who are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. The Green and Clean energy plan from Stream is a 12-month, fixed-rate supply plan. This clean energy plan is made of 100% renewable energy, while the Texas statewide average for renewable content is 10.8%.

Stream Energy gives back to the community

Similarly to other electricity companies in Texas, Stream has created partnerships to give back to the community. In May 2015, Stream launched a partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers to provide free communication services for active-duty military members and veterans. Stream also sponsors hundreds of homeless children from Captain Hope’s Kids and sends them to a water park for a day. Captain Hope’s Kids is the only agency in Dallas that provides critically needed items for homeless children.

Source: Updated: 1-25-16.