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Get to Know TXU Energy

TXU Energy was founded in 1912 and is now one of the largest Texas electricity providers. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and is a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corp. In January 2002, TXU Energy became a retail electric provider and now serves both residential and commercial customers in Texas.

In most of Texas, electricity is deregulated and consumers have to choose an electricity provider. Retail electric providers (REPs), such as TXU Energy, provide energy supply plans for residential and commercial consumers in Texas. It is up to consumers to choose the best electricity supply plan for them, so take the time to research plans and options in your area.

Texas electricity plans from TXU Energy

When researching plans, you may find fixed-rate supply plans and indexed-rate supply plans from TXU Energy. Fixed-rate supply plans give consumers the same electricity rate throughout their contract. When consumers secure their rate, they are protected from price increases, but also will not benefit from price decreases. With indexed-rate supply plans, supply rates may change during a contract term. However, indexed-rate supply plans give consumers the flexibility of a month-to-month plan.

When researching Texas electricity plans, think about how long the energy contract should be. For homeowners who don’t plan on moving for a long time, a long-term plan might be a good choice. For renters, a short-term or month-to-month contract might be a better option. Shorter contracts can offer more flexibility if consumers need to change service areas.

TXU FlexPower: A flexible payment plan

With TXU FlexPower, consumers can pay for Texas electricity as they go. There is no contract or deposit, and payments can be made in small amounts. Consumers can put money toward a balance, and when the balance gets low, TXU will send out an alert. Once a customer gets an alert, she can add more money to her account. If the TXU FlexPower balance runs out, the consumer can add more to the account and it will reconnect in a few hours. As an alternative to getting alerts and making payments, there is an optional AutoRecharge feature. This feature allows the customer to set a level for the account to stay above, and if the balance drops to that level a payment will be automatically drafted.

Take control with the TXU iThermostat

Since heating and cooling can consume up to 60% of a home’s energy, the TXU iThermostat helps control residential energy consumption. The iThermostat is programmable for up to seven days, and the settings can be updated from a smart phone. The reporting feature from the TXU iThermostat lets a customer see historical data for energy usage and cost predictions for the next 30 days. Customers can even see how much they may be able to save by adjusting the temperature one or two degrees.

TXU Energy Aid gives energy assistance

One way TXU Energy gives back to the community is through the TXU Energy Aid bill-payment assistance program. In Texas, the extreme weather conditions can make heating and air conditioning difficult to afford. The TXU Energy Aid program works with other service organizations to help those who need assistance paying their Texas electricity bills. TXU Energy combines donations from employees, customers and other social service agencies across Texas to fund the program.

Source: Updated: 10-2-15.